MAURER, D., HESS, M. & GROSS, M. (1996): High-speed imaged vocal fold vibrations and larynx movements within vocalizations of different vowels. Annals of Otology, Rhinology & Laryngology, 105, 975-981.


Theoretical investigations of the "source-filter" model have indicated a pronounced acoustical interaction of glottal source and vocal tract. Empirical investigations of formant pattern variations apart changings in vowel identity have demonstrated a direct relationship between F0 and the patterns. As a consequence of both findings, independence of phonation and articulation may be limited in the speech process. Within the present study, possible interdependence of phonation and phoneme was investigated: vocal fold vibrations and larynx position for vocalizations of different vowels in a healthy male and female were examined using high-speed light-intensified digital imaging. We found i) different movements of the vocal folds for different vocalizations within one speaker and at similar F0; ii) constant larynx position within vocalization of one vowel identity, but different positions for vocalizations of different vowel identities. A possible relationship between the vocal fold vibrations and the phoneme is discussed.

Keywords: vocal fold vibrations, larynx, vowel, high-speed imaging


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