Vowel sounds produced with varying production parameters:
Conceptualisation and realisation of a database

Dieter Maurer (1), Thayabaran Kathiresan (2), Volker Dellwo (2)

(1) Institute for the Performing Arts and Film
Zurich University of the Arts, Switzerland
(2) Phonetics Laboratory, Department of Comparative Linguistics,
University of Zurich, Switzerland

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Figure 1: Sound sample of a single female speaker in the database; matrix according to the production parameters investigated.

Figure 1


F0 int: fo intended
Production style: n = (no style; untrained speaker)
Phonation: b = breathy, c = creaky; v = voiced, w = whispered
Speaking mode: - = no specific mode, s = shouted
Context: c = phoneme context sVsV, i = vowel sound produced in isolation
Vocal effort: hgh = high, low = low, med = medium
Status: S = standard (according to systematic protocol; V = variant (additional production)
Phoneme intended: "-" = text and song, vowels = long Standard German vowels /a-e-i-o-u-ɛ-ø-y/