Vowel sounds produced with varying production parameters:
Conceptualisation and realisation of a database

Dieter Maurer (1), Thayabaran Kathiresan (2), Volker Dellwo (2)

(1) Institute for the Performing Arts and Film
Zurich University of the Arts, Switzerland
(2) Phonetics Laboratory, Department of Comparative Linguistics,
University of Zurich, Switzerland

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Illustrations related to the above conference contribution at the IAFPA2016, International Association for Forensic Phonetics and Acoustics.

>> Figure 1: Sound sample of a single female speaker in the database; matrix according to the production parameters investigated.

>> Figure 2: Illustration of standard information, of acoustics analysis and of the indications on vowel recognition (result of the listening test) given for a single sound.

>> Figure 3: Illustration of three sound series of the vowels /i, a, u/ produced by a female speaker over a range of fundamental frequency of 220–880 Hz.

>> Figure 4: Comparison of sounds of /o/ produced by a child, a woman and a man at comparable levels of fundamental frequency; illustration of a corresponding decrease or disappearance of expected age- and gender-related spectral characteristics < 2 kHz.

>> Figure 5: Comparison of whispered and voiced sounds of /o/ produced by a woman, the voiced sounds including variation of fundamental frequency.

>> Figure 6: Pitch-contours of speech with large variations of fundamental frequency; examples to experience in everyday life (additional illustration; not part of the database).