Vowel sounds produced with varying production parameters:
Conceptualisation and realisation of a database

Dieter Maurer (1), Thayabaran Kathiresan (2), Volker Dellwo (2)

(1) Institute for the Performing Arts and Film
Zurich University of the Arts, Switzerland
(2) Phonetics Laboratory, Department of Comparative Linguistics,
University of Zurich, Switzerland

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Figure 6: Pitch-contours of speech with large variations of fundamental frequency; examples to experience in everyday life (additional illustration; not part of the database).

>> Figure 6-1: Extracts of speech of a North American female politician (former senator); the speech was given in a political meeting. Overall range of F0 = c. 170–800 Hz, with one peak up to c. 880 Hz.

>> Figure 6-2: Extracts of speech of a Indonesian Imam, given in a religious event. Overall range of F0 = c. 140–650 Hz, with rare peaks up to c. 700–800 Hz.

>> Figure 6-3: Two extracts of speech of French women; recordings are taken from the newscast of the French channel France 2. Overall range of F0 = c. 230–600 Hz.

>> Figure 6-4: Extracts of speech of a woman selling grilled chicken in a market in Paris. Overall range of F0 = c. 220–700 Hz (excluding very high-pitched exclamations).

>> Figure 6-5: Extracts of two American women and one American man demonstrating infant child directed speech. Overall range of F0 = c. 200–800 Hz for the women (except one higher peak at c. 1 kHz) and c. 150–600 Hz for the man.

>> Figure 6-6: Extract of a male French TV host. Range of F0 = c. 130– 420 Hz (exceeding only gender-related statistical F1 of the vowels / i, y, u /).

>> Figure 6-7: Extract of a French woman talking on television in a TV spot. Range of F0 = c. 220–830 Hz.